Couch Refresh

My husband and I have always been the kind of people who enjoy hand me downs. Even if we could afford to buy new, we’d gladly take something used.

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Toddler Sensory Play

If you have read some of my other posts, you are familiar with the fact that several of my children have Autism. When we first started receiving therapy for our oldest son, I had a lot to learn. Bless the people who worked with us, little did I know that they would turn into some of the biggest supporters in my life.

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At home date nights

Every February Valentine’s Day comes and goes, and if you are anything like my husband and me it feels like just another day. If you are like us, you and your spouse rarely enjoy a date night out. The fact that our nights out are so limited makes me want to celebrate Valentine’s Day even less, no way do I want to spend my few times out waiting extra lengths of time, and most likely getting mediocre service due to the rush of love birds.

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I’m a Barbie girl

When you have five kids in a small house, you realize just how important your years of playing Tetris as a child were. I’m sure my husband is less than thrilled with how many times I have purchased organization items, rearranged furniture, and change room layouts. It just comes with the territory of never having enough space.

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A confident girl

Raw and real, that’s what I wanted my blog to be. None of this fake me having my life together kind of mom. Most days I am killing it on having my chores done and my kids are happy, but I have my days. Days where I don’t have the fight in me to keep my kids from eating a second cookie, or putting away electronics sooner. You can even catch me on days where the laundry isn’t done, and I’m ordering a pizza. It happens, trust me.

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Old to new

When we first found out we were pregnant with Declan, our sixth baby I experienced a ton of different emotions. After we lost Rhys, I was certain I’d never have more children. I just didn’t think I could experience a loss like that again in my lifetime, ever. Aside from all of the normal emotions, and the emotions of anxiety from our loss, I knew we’d need baby items as I had gotten rid of everything after Rhys passed away. By your sixth child, you have a good idea of what items are essential, and which ones you will most likely never touch. The most obvious thing we needed was a dresser for our new bundle of joy because along with a baby comes lots of laundry. (oh joy!)

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