Couch Refresh

My husband and I have always been the kind of people who enjoy hand me downs. Even if we could afford to buy new, we’d gladly take something used.

When we got our first apartment my mother-in-law gave us their old couch and I swear that thing was the real deal. While it wasn’t easy on the eyes that thing lasted decades. We finally replaced it about 6 years ago because we had really outgrown it and if I’m being honest I could no longer deal with the lack of cushion in it.

So we spent a small fortune on this big fabulous couch. It was a hard choice though, trying to find something to withstand 5 children is no easy task. I struggled to decided between back cushions that were attached or that came off. We ended up picking one that the back cushions could come off, and it was a good idea. My children would have ripped them off by now. The downside, they used them to build forts, and climb all over. So, what used to be these big fabulous fluffy pillows were now these pancaked deflated things. If you are a mom that last sentence might ring true to more that just your couch cushions!!

The kids on a rainy Saturday jumping around.

I recently solved the problem, the couch problem that is. I thought about using poly-fil to stuff & fluff the back cushions. That in and of itself wasn’t a bad idea, but our couch is pretty big and I realized it would get pretty expensive quick. Then it hit me…. hello $4 pillows from Target!

Each of my back cushions needed two pillows. I bought the firm to try to get a longer life span out of them. I also did end up needing to buy one small bag of poly-fil to kind of stuff the corners where the pillows didn’t meet.

Before and after. Ignore the mess that is my life in the background but seriously… such a difference. The pictures do not even do it justice.

I will also say that I left the old stuffing in! This seems weird, but I knew it would fill in some space. If I did not leave the old stuffing in I would have probably needed 4 pillows. This was a very quick and simple fix and only ran me about $45. If I’m lucky they will hold up another 5 years!

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