Fine Motor Skills

As a busy mom, I am always trying to find activities for my children that are not only great for refining skills but also give me a few moments to sip my coffee.

Years ago, when we first started Early Intervention for my boys, I realized that we would need to work on building skills, so I hit the internet to find inexpensive ideas. I did not want to invest in crazy amounts of toys or supplies, mainly because we didn’t have the extra income, but also because my boys rarely enjoyed toys.

I ended up coming up with this super simple idea. It involves two items, pipe cleaners, and a colander or strainer.

The strainer needs to be one similar to this (I actually already had one, but often see them at community aid or goodwill). It needs to be hard and not collapsible and also have round holes, not a fine strainer.

The concept is very simple, poke the pipe cleaners into the holes, you can put them in different ways and even get creative.

I keep this up and out of reach and when they are finish I will straighten the pipe cleaners as best I can, because having them straight helps for the next time. Eventually you may find that you need to replace the pipe cleaners all together.

I will say initially this is a skill that you have to work at because it takes some patience BUT once your kiddo has done it a few times its something that they can handle independently.

So there you have it, a super simple way to sneak in some wonderful fine motor skills and possibly drink your coffee while its hot! Enjoy!

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