Tiny Town

Our family is almost always on the go, be it outside in our own yard and neighborhood or finding new places to explore. My husband and I are always on the lookout for fun things to do with the kids, especially if it’s a good price. So naturally my ears perked up when I saw someone post a photo of a play area that they had visited.

Tiny Town which is located in Lancaster Pennsylvania is a unique play experience for kids (and adults). Its geared towards hands on and imagination play, which you all know I love! The space inside is very open and features 11 tiny houses.

The first one was a little pet hospital which the kids loved. There was a small couch for a waiting room and an exam area. Cages for the animals, and even a place to read X-rays. There was a medicine cabinet filled with all the tools you need for some great imagination play.

Next up was a post office which I have to say was so well thought out. Tons of letters that were addressed to all of the other 10 play houses so that the kids could load up their mail bag and go deliver mail. Each play house had a mailbox too. It was the sweetest touch. My son Bentley enjoyed this tiny house a lot.

The next little house was a fire station. It had a small ladder leading to a second level which of course had a metal pole to slide down. They even had a ride on firetruck in front of the fire station that was stationary. Next to it there was a garage which featured tools and a wooden car to pretend to fix. I even noticed at one point that there were different tires that you could take on and off.

After the garage there was the diner, which was so sweet. They had a small counter to serve your guests at or booth seating. My favorite touch to this tiny house was the walk up window where you could order ice cream. My son Bentley, who is on the spectrum had a no trouble at all engaging in this tiny house as he loves to pretend serve ice cream!

It made perfect sense to play the grocery store right next to the diner, and I know tiny town owners were feeling brave when they included child sized shopping carts in the store! The kids loved to shop the store, loading their carts and heading to the register. I noticed the carts making their way over to the diner to deliver food as well.

Next up was the salon, my girl’s favorite by far. How adorable are these fully functioning salon chairs?! Oh goodness, so much fun!

There was even a castle, and this was neat because they had dress up clothes for kings,queens, and princesses. There was a thrown to sit on and the neatest part was stairs to an upper balcony so you could go up and look out over your kingdom to practice your princess wave.

The last area of play in the line of tiny homes was the stage area. This caught the attention of my oldest, who loves to preform. This stage had velvet curtains, dress up, a puppet show set up and even a tiny piano for kids to entertain. Not to mention stage lights.

There was also an area for infants to play that was closed off so that bigger children didn’t get in. It was a nice touch to have somewhere safe for them to play without parents having to hold them or worry about them being knocked over or walked on.

I also loved that there was ample seating for parents, including tables and chairs for snacks. This really allows parents to bring in items and be able to enjoy many hours of play! Forgot to pack snacks? No problem, they also stock many options for you to purchase, including coffee!

This location was really amazing, and my children have not stopped talking about it since we left! Our children range in age from 2 years to almost 10 years old. My 10 year old was not bored by any means, so I could easily see kids even up to 12 enjoying this experience.

A special thanks to the owner of Tiny Town who gave us complimentary passes for the day in return for a blog post. That being said, my thoughts and opinions mentioned above are my own and have not been swayed due to that. I strive to be very transparent in my posts and will always inform you when I have been given an item for free or at a discount in return for a review.

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