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Every February Valentine’s Day comes and goes, and if you are anything like my husband and me it feels like just another day. If you are like us, you and your spouse rarely enjoy a date night out. The fact that our nights out are so limited makes me want to celebrate Valentine’s Day even less, no way do I want to spend my few times out waiting extra lengths of time, and most likely getting mediocre service due to the rush of love birds.

Whether it’s because of financial reasons, or lack of support watching your children, time issues, etc., getting out of the house as a couple can be more stressful than it’s worth. For us initially, it was a huge financial burden to find something we could do without feeling guilty about spending the extra money, and then hiring a babysitter for several small children was just too much. On top of normal needs for a break with each other we also juggle the stress of having multiple children with special needs and that is heavy some days. Date nights are so important to your marriage! Years ago, I was told that the key to having a good family dynamic is for mom and dad to have a break to nurture their relationship. Now we are like many other families in the world and have our issues and disagreements. By no means am I trying to paint you some Pinterest picture of a perfect marriage! All good things take work, and let me tell you (and my husband would agree) some days being married is a chore!

While all of our children are young, we make it a priority to have a consistent bedtime routine so that our children go to bed at the same time with minimal fussing so that we could sit down and talk and unwind, maybe watch a movie or share a drink. Usually, we use this time to talk about the next day or sit and say, “how the heck do we do this every day!” Now that sounds great in theory, but with our children getting a bit older, it’s been a challenge as their bedtime creeps closer and closer to ours. For now, though, their bedtime being 8 pm gives us a few solid hours to annoy be with each other. 

Our wedding day 6/26/2009

If you can’t get a break outside of the house or don’t want to during these crazy pandemic times, here are some fun and unique options for at-home date nights. This blog post is not sponsored.

Kitsby – Kitsby is a company that puts together DIY kits and dessert mixes delivered to you. I think this is a neat way to try new things and get in the kitchen together. It does state that you may need some ingredients, such as eggs or butter. A new dessert and snuggling up with a movie sounds great to me. When I first came across this idea, I was pretty skeptical. I can go to the store and grab ingredients myself. Then I was looking at the prices and some of the recipes. For example, they have a Matcha cream puff kit that’s $34.99. I looked locally, and Matcha needed to make this recipe would run me about $10. I could have leftover Matcha for another batch, but I may not even like it. That being said, for the diversity and convenience, I think this is a pretty fun idea.

Hunt a Killer – Hunt a Killer is a murder mystery game where you work through the clues and evidence to solve the case. It is broken into 6 “episodes” (or boxes). When you sign up for the subscription, you get a box monthly for 6 months. I like that they have several price ranges with boxes starting at $30/month (plus shipping).

I’d totally love this kind of at-home date, order in, or cook a new dinner together, options are endless. Also, I love the thought of having friends over and splitting costs, or one couple pays for the first 6 months and then you switch. Or if you are blessed like us to have an amazing neighborhood and want to keep the date night intimate you could all get different boxes and rotate as you complete each series.

I personally LOVE true crime and murder mystery type stuff so, this caught my eye! With a big enough glass of whiskey, I could see my husband enjoying it as well. (or at least humoring me!) If you are interested in trying this out, please feel free to click my referral link!

Crated with Love – This date night box is unique in that it offers several different options, and each month promises a new theme. If you don’t want the commitment of a monthly box they do offer one-time purchases for a bit of an up-charge. They also have card games that you can purchase. The thing that jumped out at me when I came to this site was the idea seemed to center around talking, reconnecting and that is always important to me especially as busy parents. I often get stuck in the habit of making our conversations center around the children or our schedules etc.

Shaker and Spoon – Now, this box is right up my husband’s alley, and honestly, as someone who hasn’t had a large variety of drinks, it spoke to me too. These boxes centered around alcohol. Each box focuses on one spirit (which is not included for a few reasons, BUT they’ll let you know ahead of time which spirit you need). Other than the alcohol, the box includes what you need to make 3 different kinds of cocktails and enough to make four of each so a total of twelve cocktails per box. I also like that the bartenders who they sought out to make the boxes recommend a specific kind of spirit so you’re not left wondering which vodka or rum etc. should you get. It also appealed to me that they make their own specialty syrups. I envision making the 3 cocktails like a little sampler and sitting by the fire after the kids go to bed during the warmer months. Now that is my idea of relaxation.

While these above-mentioned date ideas are not free, they all seem to be cheaper than going out and could fit nicely into a budget. Also, these would make a wonderful gift. If you are like us, our parents ask us every year what we want for Christmas or Birthdays, and honestly, this seems like the gift that keeps giving!

I also found some at-home ideas that do not require a subscription box! Some of these have become our favorites, and some are on my list of things to do!

Game night– (unless you’re competitive and it causes fighting) I have been eyeing up these rustic-looking classic board games, specifically, this one, although it was cheaper at Christmas time, I am kicking myself.

Paint night – You can find these paint date nights virtual OR on youtube! You could even do your own bob ross style ones! Some acrylic paints and, a canvas and you’re all set. Here is a fair-priced set I found on amazon! Or you could buy a kit to keep it even more simple at Dip N’ Paint which requires no subscription.

Watch a comedy special together – Listen, laughter is the best medicine, right? One of our favorite dates we had once was to a comedy club to see a live performance. Netflix has some of the best ones lately!

No matter what you decide to do for your date night, do something. Don’t let life get too busy to stop and enjoy each other and rekindle the romance and butterflies! I know this is something I need to work on making time for as well.

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