New Year, New You?

So we’ve made it to a New Year, and while we all thought 2020 was a bit crazy, I’m beginning to wonder what 2021 will bring after seeing these first few weeks unfold.

Millions of people ring in the start of the New Year with resolutions in mind, myself included. I go into January with the mindset that “this is my year” I’m going to tackle things I wanted to and change so many things in my life that bother me. By mid-January, early March I like many other people realize the idea of a New Years’ resolution is far more work than simply stating it out-loud around the dinner table. Why though? Why do we feel pressure from society to make what is oftentimes unrealistic goals simply because the calendar has changed? I can’t even count the number of times that I have resolved to lose 100lbs this year. It is kind of crazy.

Let’s not forget how wonderful this time of year is for marketing. Have you ever noticed or looked at the sales flyers for the week of January 1? You can almost always find a good sale on organizing items, personal planners, gym equipment, and exercise clothes. If you work in marketing for these big corporations here is a small tip, include the organization items the week of Christmas too because it never fails, post Christmas clean up always includes a trip to the store for some form of organization items.

In all seriousness, as we sat around the dinner table this year and went over our resolutions, I was thinking, Why do we do this once a year and build it up? While I think self-reflection is important, I wondered could I set myself up better for success. That thought got my wheels turning, maybe instead of looking at my life one time a year and making a massive list of things to change, I could be doing this monthly, perhaps even weekly, or daily. What works for you?

It led me to an amazing conversation with my children, one that I wish My 33-year-old self could have had with my 23-year-old self. It doesn’t have to mean we are changing everything at once, because that often times causing me personally to feel overwhelmed and give up. It does however give me a chance to refocus and readjust as my world is ever-changing. So that led me to realize that my resolution for 2021 really was consistency. My personal goals for the year would be to really get my diet cleaned up and drop some more weight. I want to be more consistent in my food tracking, and gym time. I want to spend more time with the kids playing and reading with them. I want to spend more days outdoors with them enjoying nature. I want to read more, enjoy life more, and have less stress. I want to blog more, if for nothing else to use this outlet I have built for myself, and of course, I want to paint more. As this list of things, I wanted to change grew and grew I realized the main thing they all had in common was consistency. I would have to consistently make the effort, be to track my food, make better choices, get up early enough to accomplish what I needed, or just let go and spend the time making the memory.

While I was researching why a large number of us fail at accomplishing our New Years’ resolutions I realized it was mainly due to the fact that the goals were either unrealistic for the amount of time, or the person had made too many goals and couldn’t juggle them all. I’ve started making a weekly list of goals (usually Sunday evening when my head hits the pillow but hey better late than never). I found for myself it helps me refocus and as a mom to many, a little refocusing is never a bad thing.

I recently saw a clip on a TV show where a well-known psychologist was talking to a guest about weight loss and said that we don’t break bad habits, we replace them with better ones. I thought that was interesting. So what are your New Years’ resolutions, and how will you set yourself up to succeed this year? Or are you someone who does self-reflection regularly and makes mini-goals?

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