I’m a Barbie girl

When you have five kids in a small house, you realize just how important your years of playing Tetris as a child were. I’m sure my husband is less than thrilled with how many times I have purchased organization items, rearranged furniture, and change room layouts. It just comes with the territory of never having enough space.

Last year my girls got really into Barbie, which made Christmas a lot of fun! First of all, let’s talk about how much money barbie stuff costs. I guess the benefit is it really is a timeless toy! I enjoy playing barbies with my girls and even the boys enjoy playing a bit. What I don’t enjoy is how big of a mess it makes. We’re constantly having to dump the entire bin to get the small items from the bottom.

Now that school had started back up, I was spending the evenings helping my girls get barbies set up only to have to leave to finish dinner or tell them it was time for baths and nighttime bed routine. I was searching Pinterest for ideas on how to organize this stuff, you know, to make it overly complicated! I settled on this 3 drawer organizer from Target. What works best about this one is the top drawer is smaller.

I talked with Harper about organizing her barbie stuff, and she had told me she would love to have the little things organized. I knew I needed some easy way to make this happen. I found these bins at Target to put in the top drawers to separate the smaller things.

small bins

medium bins

large bins

This has saved us a ton of time on not needing to look for clothes or shoes. I also was able to separate the second drawer into big dolls and the girl’s beloved Chelsea barbie.

Do your girls love barbies? The newest rage and one of my girl’s most requested items for Christmas is the color reveal barbies! Hopefully, Santa pulls through!

So if you are someone who loves to organize like me, behold, there is hope even for the smallest things! Now getting the kids to actually put them back in the correct place, well, that may be hopeless!

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