Old to new

When we first found out we were pregnant with Declan, our sixth baby I experienced a ton of different emotions. After we lost Rhys, I was certain I’d never have more children. I just didn’t think I could experience a loss like that again in my lifetime, ever. Aside from all of the normal emotions, and the emotions of anxiety from our loss, I knew we’d need baby items as I had gotten rid of everything after Rhys passed away. By your sixth child, you have a good idea of what items are essential, and which ones you will most likely never touch. The most obvious thing we needed was a dresser for our new bundle of joy because along with a baby comes lots of laundry. (oh joy!)

I knew that I did not want to spend an arm and leg on a new piece of furniture because I had bought so many before. In previous years buying furniture for the boys, I was disappointed in the quality. They just do not make things last the way they used to. I realized my mother had an older dresser in her spare bedroom she was looking to clean out. I decided that I would try to refinish it and use it for our baby dresser. I headed to Pinterest and found some tutorials. From there, I gathered all the stuff I would need. We got the dresser at our house and I spent some summer evenings painting!

Thankfully for me, this dresser was already unfinished, there was no stain or sealer put on it when she bought it. That made painting it very easy. I have since refinished my tv stand and our hutch in our dining room, both of which were stained and sealed. If you are looking to paint a piece of furniture that is stained or has a finish on it I recommend taking some sandpaper to it. You don’t need to necessarily remove all of it, but scratch it up a bit to allow the paint to have something to grab onto. I used chalk paint to finish the furniture and am really impressed with how it’s held up on our pieces. I grabbed this chalk paint off of amazon. It’s a good price, and it honestly goes a long way. I used one small bottle to do the entire dresser. What I like about this paint is you do not need to prime!

I used these brushes, which I like because you have two, and they held up good through all of my projects. I use the big one to do the chalk paint and the smaller brush for wax. I always seal my pieces with a clear wax! This helps keep the paint from chipping! If you are like me and enjoy the distressed look, I use this antique wax to add that distressed appearance. Then I go over the entire piece with the clear wax.

Refinishing furniture is a bit of a labor of love. You do have to pay attention to the details. For example, when I did Declan’s dresser I was fairly pregnant and didn’t give one thought to taking the hardware off. I instead painted over it. What in the world was I thinking hah!? So make note and learn from my mistake! Remove hardware! I was also able to use these star knobs that I had used on my dresser when I was a teenager in my bedroom. It’s neat to see them being used again.

Chalk paint is pretty forgiving, so I was even able to let the big kids help me paint a bit. I will say the wax is a bit tricky. You have got to let it dry completely for at least 24 hours before you add another coat to it, or else you’ll end up with what looks like an elementary school kid’s hands after they have played with glue. It pulls and causes a bunch of little glue balls to form, looking lumpy and awful. The good news is if this happens, you can use a damp cloth to remove the wax while it is still wet but, then you just wiped off both layers of wax and are back to the beginning. Patience is a virtue when painting furniture!

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