No more tears

If you are a mom to little girls or are someone who gets to do the hair of little girls, you are most likely familiar with the elastic bands used for hair ties. Yes, I am talking about those cheap and slightly annoying ones.

My two daughters Harper (6) and Everleigh (5), hate them. Not because they’re difficult to get in, or pull their hair too tight. It is because at the end of the day, when it’s time to take them out, they hurt. Despite this fact, they are handy for little girls with fine hair. I usually pick them up at Target for about $5 for 500 of them, but I recently ordered our elastic hair ties off of amazon because they had a container of them that had 1500 for $6. We also use them to play salon with the girl’s dolls, so we go through them pretty quick.

I recently decided to try to “help” get them out by using a drop of essential oils. My thought was to grease it up. (Poor girls). If you are anything like me, you love essential oils but hate how expensive they are.  So, naturally, I used lemongrass,  a scent that I wouldn’t typically use in the diffuser but had on hand from a kit.

On this particular day, I had done my older daughter’s hair in bubble braids, which required like 10 of these small elastic bands on each side. To my surprise, when I put the oil on the band, it popped open. Then it was able to just unravel. I was shocked. Maybe this is something every other mom out there knows, BUT on the off chance it isn’t I’m sharing to spare you some sanity! I put a drop or two on each elastic and, by the time I finished the last one, the others were already popped open. My daughter was so happy!

I did a quick search on google and found out that the many essential oils have properties in them that actually eat certain kinds of plastics. So you could use different kinds of oils. My girls loved the smell of the lemongrass, but it would’ve been better on my part to use tea tree oil. I am always on the defense against lice!

There are tons of essential oil companies out there, but I really enjoy using Revive. I appreciate their product and price point. I also appreciate that they make blends, make it easier for me to diffuse a scent I enjoy (similar to burning a candle). I just ordered their Pumpkin Pie and it smells so good, and they just came out with one called Christmas morning that I also ordered.

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