Our switch to cast iron

Years ago (roughly 13 if your counting) when my husband was just my boyfriend and still had the chance to make a clean break for it, he had told me of his desire to use cast iron cookware. Funny enough shortly after that my dad was at the flea market and found some cast iron pans and bought them for him. Now I can’t know for sure if my dad was just being nice or if he was trying to pawn me off on my poor husband, either way we still own those pans.

Early in our marriage my husband wanted to start using the cast iron and I just could not get on board. They were heavy and kind of ugly compared to the fabulous paula dean pans I had my eyes on. More importantly, these pans seemed like a lot of work. It wasn’t like I could just toss them into the soapy dish water and scrub them up. So I wrote off the idea and he didn’t put up much of a fight, after all I was the one doing the cooking and scrubbing of pans while he was busy working. I got those beautiful pans I wanted, and they did last for some time but then the nonstick coating began to peel. I went through several other sets of pans, all having similar problems. I was disappointed each time. Sometimes husband’s are right ladies!

Fast forward to quarantine and me being tired of yet another set of expensive pans burning me. My husband suggested switching over to cast iron, after all it wasn’t like we could go out shopping. So we made the switch. He had to season them. For those of you cast iron newbies like myself, seasoning is where you coat the pan with oil or shortening and then bake it in the oven for at least an hour.

We have been using the pans for a few months now, and they have actually been much easier than I thought. You don’t wash them out after each use, in fact you almost never scrub them with soap and water. We simply wipe them out or use a scrapper to get anything that might be stuck on like some pieces of garlic and then again coat them with a very thin layer of oil. Sounds gross, but honestly it’s pretty easy. They make the most beautiful food, especially cooking meat. Corn bread was a delight to make in them as well. I have even just about mastered making eggs in them! Now I’m keeping my eyes peeled for old cast iron to add to our collection. We’ve also found the perfect metal spatulas to use in the cast iron that ironically I bought when I hosted a pampered chef party. This large spatula I liked because of the angle, it’s worked well for grilled cheese especially. This fish spatula we use for almost everything else! My husband even gave me the green light to order more as soon as possible, so that’s saying something. I did have some similar to these before but the plastic came undone so I figured I’d spend a bit more and get something quality.

Some other items that have really come in handy, and actually we need to order more of are these silicone covers for the handles of the cast iron so no one gets burnt. The cheapest I have found them is amazon. I also found these plastic scrapers which have been a life saver, again found on amazon for pretty cheap. I have this scrub brush for times when its just such a mess that it needs a little water and scrubbing.

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