Fall fun

Have you ever just had one of those days where you feel completely overwhelmed with your to-do list? I generally wake up ready to tackle each day with a well thought out to-do list, but yesterday for whatever reason I just wasn’t into it. If I’m being completely honest with you, that happens to me. I will go in spurts of being super productive than just feel like I need a mental health day.

I ran errands with a girlfriend Monday evening, the usual target run for whatever things we need at that moment. It is always so nice to have the break, but my mom guilt always kicks in a bit. Mix that with the fact that my five-year-old is missing her big sister and neighbor friends and feels lonely at times during the day, and I just knew I needed to skip the to-do list and make a day of it. So off we went.

I took Declan and Evie to the local pumpkin farm, and while we do not need any more pumpkins, they offer a large play area. If you’re local you need to check out Paulus farms in Mechanicsburg, this location is open during the week, and I was impressed that they had their hayrides going during the day. The other Paulus orchard location is equally amazing but has not been open during the week.

They have a dirt diner, which my kids love. They have hay-bales to climb on that leads to a slide, and it’s under a tent so even on an overcast day should it start to sprinkle it’s not a complete waste. They have animals to feed, although I did most of the feeding because the kids were scared. There are many other areas to play and explore as well, these are just the parts that keep my kids occupied. This would be a great day activity for mom friends to pack a lunch and let their kids run wild while they catch up!

In hindsight I should’ve either packed a lunch or bought from their deli counter because lunch time came and we needed to pack it in. Declan needed lunch and a nap. It was a gorgeous day though, and I got to avoid most of my to-do list not to mention both kids were ready for a nap when we got home!

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