Fancy Nancy

Our fancy Everleigh turned 5 this past week. That seems impossible. It seems like just yesterday she was born. Is it just me or does time fly once you have kids? She’s our fourth kid, and the absolute most stubborn but has a heart of gold.

Everleigh, or Evie as we call her was my quickest labor by far. I was home on a Wednesday, nesting my buns off when my husband came home from work I said, “I’m pretty sure I’m in labor.” I got a shower and sat around a bit. A little back story, almost all of my children have been delivered by nurses because my end of labor goes very quick! I called the midwife and told her I thought I was in labor but was going to wait until my water broke or I physically couldn’t stand it any longer. She told me not to do that and to get into the hospital immediately, know that my deliveries are a quick at the end and this was my fourth. Now let me tell you about my darling, pain in the butt husband. We had lived in this area for six-years when Everleigh was born, and she was the fourth child we had at this hospital. That being said this hospital was somewhere we were pretty familiar with. My husband decided to take the longest way possible to get there, I swear it. He hit every bump, and if I didn’t stop him he probably would have asked to go through the drive through at dunkin for some coffee. I usually have him park in the parking lot and I walk in like nothing is happening even though I’m about to push a bowling ball out of me. With Evie I was like “drop me at the door, I can’t walk that far”. I nearly gave the janitor a heart attack when I was struggling to walk to the elevator. I got into a room and checked and was 9 cm. Evie was born within an hour of being there, weighing in at 9lbs 3oz of squish. She’ll always be my favorite. Just kidding, but a speedy delivery was pretty amazing. We often tell her she was our surprise baby because we waited to find out the gender until she was born, although no one believes that I didn’t actually know!

This year Evie asked for a fancy Nancy themed birthday party which was actually a bit of a chore on my part. Now I will say that I always have gone over the top for parties for my kids. I’m not sure why but I love them! The kids always pick a theme and I head straight to Pinterest. From there I am trying to find the cheapest way to make things happen. Some times I need someone to talk sense into me like “Do you really need to hire a professional flame thrower?” Fancy Nancy was a hard theme because she’s not super popular. I had to get creative. Fancy Nancy is all about being fancy of course, and what is more fancy for a five-year-old than a tea party? So that was my inspiration.

I used round tables to give the kids more of a tea party feel, not sure why that made a difference but in my mind it really did. I used paper doilies and a plastic 3 tier stand for her cupcakes. This ideas would be adorable with any treats on it! I originally wanted to do muted colors and just have it be a tea party concept but Evie is just like Fancy Nancy, loud and proud. So, we went with the bright colors. I almost always (ask my poor family who helps me set up) make balloon arches for our parties. Easy peasy guys! If you are paying someone to make these for you, STOP! For Evie’s arch I grabbed a big bag of balloons from walmart for $4.50 and then this balloon arch tape (but it’s not sticky). It’s actually kind of amazing. Its thick plastic with holes punched out and the end of the balloon that is tied gets put through and boom its held together. I can made a balloon arch for under $10. The best part is my kids love popping then when we’re done. My poor dad got so tired of blowing up all these balloons that he got a small pump to do it for him.

The most adorable idea I found was the silverware wrapped up and I tied it with string and curled it because of course fancy Nancy has curly hair. I added a mini star wand for that extra cuteness, and of course seating cards to let the little guests feel like royalty. I added wings to the backs of the girls chairs because Nancy loves her wings. I also put crowns on the table at their place settings. In hindsight I could have looked up crowns for the boys, but most of the boys at the party are over that magical dress up age and probably wouldn’t appreciate me having them wear a crown. I grabbed the wings at the dollar tree, and grabbed the necklaces, rings, and bracelets off amazon!

As far as food goes, I almost never stick to a theme. Finger foods would have been adorable but we love to eat so that just wouldn’t cut it. I always have loved to throw a party, and enjoy feeling like I’m cooking for everyone. Evie’s favorite thing is chicken noodle soup so we made it from scratch and offered bread bowls. I always add the basics, veggie and dip, fruit, and chips. Your typical kids party food right?

One of my favorite things we did at this party (and the last several) is let the kids take some pictures together with the instax camera we had bought for my husbands 40th birthday. My girls love having photos of their friends, and they all looked so adorable in their dress up.

She had a great party, and was so cute with her friends. I can hardly believe my littlest girl is five. I know I’m going to blink and she’ll be having her own children. Although today while coloring she told me she doesn’t want to grow up because grown ups do not wear tutus.

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