For the love of all that smells good!

Laundry. Oh Laundry.

As a family of seven, it is never-ending. It used to be my arch-nemesis but finally, I found a system that seems to work well for us.

This is one thing I will often get questions about, “how do you juggle laundry for so many people without falling behind?” First of all, I don’t! I often fall behind, but the key is to find a good balance. Typically I start a load of laundry every single morning when I am getting ready to go for my morning walk. When I get back I switch it to the dryer, or if I’m taking a long walk I have my dear husband switch it over for me. Then it’s dried and ready for me to fold by 9 am. This gives me all day to avoid fold it! Now I will say some days it waits until after dinner when the kids are watching a cartoon to do it. Either way, the goal is to get it folded and put away each day. On the days when I take “off”, I just know that the following day I need to do two loads. The longer I delay it, the more that is waiting for me. Gag!! 

So now that you’ve heard my grand plan to keep afloat, let’s talk about how I keep it all smelling fresh! If you didn’t read my previous post about making my own soap I talked quickly about how I have been trying to make the switch to more natural household products for my family. In doing that I decided to give up dryer sheets that my husband was so happy about. He hated finding them tucked inside of his pants mid-day! I hated knowing that my kid’s clothes were dried in chemicals. Have you ever gone without your dryer sheets and then used them again and noticed that you can literally feel the residue on the clothing!? Now I know what your thinking “ugh she is one of those snobby crunchy hippies!” I promise you I am not snobby, and no judgment here. I enjoy my chemically ridden junk the same as the next! At the end of the day though, I knew this was something I could easily change that no one would miss.

Let’s face it though, with the washer constantly going and the sheer amount of humans in this house things can get stinky. I found two alternatives that I have use and love. Both of them involve essential oils, and if you are new to essential oils and feel overwhelmed with what products to use and what brands to trust, you’re not alone. I will say that doTerra is a great brand, and so is Young Living. I use Revive because honestly, they have the same quality as the other big-name fellas without the overhead price. This post is not in any way sponsored so that’s my honest opinion. You do have to be careful with oils to make sure you’re getting a good quality. If you are looking for an amazing oily momma to follow and see tips and tricks about oils check out my good friend Karie on instagram

The first option I found was to use an old rag that I cut in half. I picked whatever essential oil I wanted to have our laundry smell like. I’ve used lavender, sweet orange, and for towels often I’ll use eucalyptus. I will add a few drops to the rag and toss it in with my clothes to dry. That is it, it’s that simple. I keep a small basket on top of my dryer with 4 rags in it so that when I have my load upstairs to fold I can easily have another available, or if my laundry eats it like it does some of the socks! Every few cycles I will toss the rag in to be washed. Then I came across my second option, and have since stuck with it. I found these amazing wool dryer balls on amazon. Let me first say, these are an amazing price for organic wool dryer balls. I found a set at Walmart, two in a pack for $5 and, they were made in China. I will toss a few drops of essential oils on the dryer balls and toss 3 of them in the laundry. These work better than the rags because they help cut down drying times! Which is a win for me because that means I’m saving money! 

This is one very simple thing that I can do to help keep the chemicals off of myself and my kids, and again isn’t super time consuming or a financial burden. If you have children, you could even let them get involved and pick the scent and add it to the balls and toss them in. I know my kids love to do anything that they think is helpful, at least my younger kids!

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