Cash Back!

One of the most common questions I get as a mom to so many children is “How do you afford it?” Followed by “Are they all yours?” I can tell you the answer for the second question is a lot easier than the first!

Nowadays you have to pinch pennies just to survive it seems, and I have to hand it to my husband because he makes sure everything is paid on time each month. Some months, that is a chore. For example, the months when there are birthdays and holidays and extra school activities. It always seems those months are also the months when the car needs some costly repair or inspection is due.

I have tried a few side hustles like babysitting, crafts (which I do love and do often but more for the relaxation part) and even the dreaded pyramid scheme direct sales. While these options aren’t terrible, they often times leave me drained and can ultimately take away from my children at the end of the day. That being said, I try to do everything I can to help spread our dollar further.

I recently came across an app called Fetch Rewards. The concept is simple, you snap a photo in the app of your receipt after shopping and it gives you points for buying a qualifying brand and product. I like this app over others that have a similar concept because in Fetch you do not need to go through and look for specific items or plan your trip ahead if you do not want to. Its as simple as doing your shopping and then snapping a photo. I also like that they give you 25 points even if you did not buy a qualifying items so eventually those points will amount to something. Once you build up your points you can use them to purchase gift cards for common retailers.

I hoard my points and cash them in at birthdays, Christmas, or whenever I want to spend entirely too much money at HomeGoods without my husband seeing. (Husband if you’re reading this, ignore the previous sentence.) I figure I may as well get money back for shopping that I already have to do!

Other apps that I use that I enjoy are listed below. You can use my referral code to sign up and we’ll both get extra points!

Fetch Rewards: Sign up for Fetch Rewards with this link, and you’ll get $2 in Rewards when you snap your first receipt:

ibotta: use referral code rvamwgv at registration or Sign up at

Shopkick: Use code GOAL597831 or download

There are many others but these are the ones that work best for me! I about to cash out money for some Christmas shopping. Anyone else starting shopping a bit late this year?!

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