DIY Hand Soap

I know what you’re thinking, “soap is cheap, and as a busy mom, no way am I making soap!” Trust me I feel ya!! Hear me out. I have found the holy grail of soap, not just quality but a great price.

No more junk in the soap we use on our kid’s hands, or ours! Don’t get me wrong we use plenty of chemically ridden garbage but as I started to transition this was the first big change. Our two older sons who are currently 9 and 8 were diagnosed with autism at a fairly young age. I actually went to their appointment to have their evaluations done in the same week. That was pretty stressful and I immediately went down this rabbit hole of eliminating toxins and food dyes and all things gross. Except it literally was everything and there was no way at that point in my life I could commit.

Fast forward several years later when I was tired of buying hand soap constantly and realized we could use a cleaner option. I came across several DIY recipes that used Dr. Bronner’s soap and fell in love. It is a very simple process. You can boil off water and let it sit to room temperature, or use distilled water. It seems expensive when you look at the soap itself but you’re going to be diluting it and only using 2 tablespoons for each soap container, so it goes pretty far. I did the math and it works out to be about 57 cents per bottle. Dr. Bronner’s is that the packaging is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic which is a huge bonus.

Another huge perk to this soap is all of the other things you can use it for. Shampoo & conditioner, body wash, you can soak in the tub, even do laundry with it. Nothing like running out of laundry soap and realizing you can use your household soap in a pinch! We even buy it by the gallon to get the best price!

I love the scents that are offered by Dr. Bronner’s, but if you want to make your own you could get unscented and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. I think our next bottle will be unscented so I can play around with making my own scents. We only use soap and water with no oils or glycerin and haven’t hand any real issues with hands being dry, but you can easily add 1 tablespoon of pure vegetable glycerin and 5 drops of vitamin e oil to combat dryness.

There are a few great options for scents. I like to use lavender, but enjoy mixing it up too. For summer, we love to use the citrus scent! Peppermint is so fun for the winter months and does leave a scent in the kitchen or bathroom! I’m not sure about you, but in a small house with 5 small kids, I happily welcome smells other than diapers and pee that missed the toilet! I’d caution using peppermint to shower your body (don’t ask) but do love it for washing my hair.

My last tip is my biggest and most important tip. Invest in a refillable foaming soap dispenser. When we first made the soap and used your standard pump I was like “ugh why is this so watery?” and “We’re going to go through it so quickly!” then I got a foaming pump and it made all the difference. So that’s basically how I quit spending my life savings at shops in the mall buying fancy fun scents of hand soap not realizing how many chemicals they were chalked full of. Often times making the change to a natural option feels too difficult or more importantly too expensive. This is neither. 

Below are some of my favorites and of course my simple recipe. Enjoy!

What you’ll need

 Dr. Bronner’s soap (we buy the gallon but here is the quart size option too)

Water (preferably distilled or boiled water)

foaming soap pump (this one is my favorite but here’s a cheaper option too)

Optional items (to combat dryness if you need it)

pure vegetable glycerin

vitamin e oil

What you’ll need The ratio is simple! 2 tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s soap then fill up the bottle and tada you’re done! Leave a bit of room at the top of the bottle so when you place the pump back in it doesn’t overflow.

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