Halloween 2020

Every year I find myself itching to send summer off and ready welcome fall. I love each season, but I’m always happy to see the next one come. Being an October baby, I’d have to say I do love everything about fall. (That is everything except pumpkin! I know, how is that possible?)

My children equally love the change of seasons, as it usually means we decorate! Does anyone else have daughters who are very into home decor? My six-year-old Harper loves to shop for decor, and I can not say I blame her. If I could ever actually wait until fall began to start decorating, I could get it all done at once, but I can not help myself. Which usually means I make several trips to the local farm. I always start with clearing the porch of any summer clutter (which for city living means bikes, scooters, and endless pieces of broken sidewalk chalk). Next, I pull out the few staple pieces of decor I’ve used over the years. Then, we head to our local farm and grab pumpkins, mums, hay bales, gourds, and cornstalks! I try to support local as much as possible, and this small town farm even has a free corn maze.

Some of our final touches include spider webs on the windows, hanging witch hats, and of course, spraying our pumpkins with a coating of hairspray to keep the squirrels from eating them! Hey, city squirrels are no joke. I once saw a squirrel perched on our trashcan, eating a slice of leftover pizza. The last thing I do is add a festive bow to my corn stalks. It helps hide the twine, but also who doesn’t love a bow?! Its nothing fancy, but my kids love helping decorate and seeing their hard work for weeks to come.

Some of our most popular items we used this year are described below.

  • Witch hats – for these I used dental floss and stitched it onto the top of the hat and secured on the porch ceiling with a small nail. I found these years ago at the dollar tree. I did see target had several in their dollar spot for $3.
  • Hanging white ghost – this guy was found at the dollar tree
  • black crow cut outs – easily placed onto the porch with self-adhesives. Cheap and easy, but also an awesome fine motor skill for your little ones! Let them peel the stickers and grow those skills! Also, there were so many in the pack that I have enough to get a second year out of them. They ran me $3 and the kids went heavy on them so if you used them more sparingly they could go far! Sadly I couldn’t find these in store any longer. I was able to link some similar ones that are bats (which is what I usually do).
  • Spider webs & black netting – typically I buy these at Walmart but honestly this year I was on a tighter budget and grabbed them at the dollar tree. I was not at all disappointed. The webs actually went way further than ones I’ve purchased at Wal-Mart in previous years
  • trick or treat throw pillow– I bought years ago at tjmaxx but I’ve linked some similar options! Actually these throw covers from amazon are a pretty great idea. I may need to upgrade. Do notice that the amazon option is COVERS only. That being said you could easily buy pillow inserts and change the covers based on seasonal decor. This would save a good bit of space in my holiday bins since the pillow inserts themselves would always be in use and the covers would just keep rotating.

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