Declan’s birthday surprise!

This little guy turned 2! Its hard to believe it. Feels like just yesterday we were patiently awaiting his arrival. He is our rainbow after a storm and will forever be a shimmer of light in my darkest days.

He is ALL BOY! If it has wheels, makes noise, or gets muddy he loves it. That being said I was looking for something unique but quality. By baby number 6 I am pretty over toys. In my search for “basic toys” that we could build on, or that would grow with us I came across the perfect thing. I found this company called HABAUSA.

Their products are quality, and honestly worth the money. One of Declan’s first words was ball and then “vroom vroom” for car, which came out more as a sound but hey it counts! So when I found HABA’s Kullerbu track set, I knew immediately this was it! What I love about this track that makes it unique is that you can push cars on it OR roll balls on it. It comes with the cutest cars and wooden balls. Some sets have features just for balls, but what was neat was you can easily take off that part and set it aside to run a car on it. Two concepts in one! Sim-Sala-Kling is one of our favorite sets! Some of the cars have a momentum motor which I would say is better than your traditional pull back car because it can be pushed forward to get the car going. This is one of Declan’s favorite features. They have so many sets and add-ons. We are eyeing up the parking garage for more days of endless play! I made our initial purchases off of amazon because I could hardly wait for them to arrive! Here is our first several items.

This is the police set and it is adorable! I love how the ball has a face on it!

We also got several basic sets to get us started.

The perfect intersection (to give you options while building).

The round about. This feels like the perfect starter set.

Needless to say it has brought Declan hours of fun! On several occasions I have found him asleep at the track.

Let me say this post is not sponsored and the items we fell in love with were purchased for Declan for his birthday. That being said, after our initial purchase we reached out to the company due to a very small missing piece. We received amazing customer service and they not only sent a replacement part but sent a ton of free sets for us to add to our collection! Thanks HABAUSA!

My oldest (Graysen age 9) & Youngest (Declan age 2) they are my bookend babes and honestly so similar its bizarre! Graysen is an amazing big brother who helps Dec in almost anyway he can. He was so excited for him and spent hours helping him open and build track. I am a blessed momma. Thanks again HABA!

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