Welcome to my blog! This is a place where I will share the beautiful mess that is motherhood, as I see it. My journey began 9- years ago when my first son was born. I was newly married, just into my early twenties, and not prepared in the least. Our family grew quickly, having our 6th child at age 31. Over these 9-years, I’ve learned to juggle a large family on one income, how to manage a house, and even keep most of us happy a majority of the time. We have had to learn how to parent three children with autism, which keeps us busy, and experienced a devastating loss when our son Rhys passed away. Life has been crazy, and this season is exhausting but I believe these are the best years of our lives. I have found a way to wake up every day and carry the grief of a brokenhearted mother, and still be present and joyful in this season we are in. It isn’t always easy, but join me as I share the good, bad, and the messy!

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  • Fine Motor Skills
    As a busy mom, I am always trying to find activities for my children that are not only great for refining skills but also give me a few moments to sip my coffee.
  • Tiny Town
    Our family is almost always on the go, be it outside in our own yard and neighborhood or finding new places to explore. My husband and I are always on the lookout for fun things to do with the kids, especially if it’s a good price. So naturally my ears perked up when I saw someone postContinue reading “Tiny Town”
  • Toddler Sensory Play
    If you have read some of my other posts, you are familiar with the fact that several of my children have Autism. When we first started receiving therapy for our oldest son, I had a lot to learn. Bless the people who worked with us, little did I know that they would turn into some of theContinue reading “Toddler Sensory Play”

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