YouTube Kids Runs the World!

If you have a child over the age of 3 and do not know what youtube Kids is you have narrowly escaped quite the epidemic! My kids L O V E YouTube Kids almost as much as they love gummy bears and Disneyland so when they caught on that they could make video too it was all over! Goodbye iCloud storage. Goodbye Apps I enjoy. Goodbye mini iPad. Hello super cute and pretty funny tutorials by my 5 and 3 year old! Since we homeschool Making YouTube tutorials has now become part of my 5 year olds curriculum. It’s her “special interest” and develops her communication skills. Which is so needed because home schooled kids are SO AWKWARD right! (insert eye roll here). This is an easy activity that you can do with your kid, or if you need to make dinner you can set them up with an iPhone or iPad at the kitchen table and just listen to them. There is something magical about them seeing themselves played back in a video. Some of my kid’s favorite tutorials to make are simple things they can do without assistance like how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Opening toys is a new favorite too! Let them choose the subject they want to speak to! Be sure not to critique their delivery, this is an excellent time to build their self confidence!  Head over to my YouTube channel to get caught up on there how to’s such as: How to Make a Ham Sandwhich (I promise is funnier than it sounds!) How to Make Slime (yup it’s a messy as it sounds!) and their latest one How to Make Pizza! Spoiler alert we made more memories than messes with this one.
LIVE intentional friend,


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