Who Knew Toast Could Be So Fun!?

Grandma made a surprise visit yesterday and brought lots of little packets of jelly from a restaurant she visited. I’m not sure what made her think of my kids when she saw assorted jelly packets?! When she handed them out to Tatum and Tru you would’ve thought it was Christmas morning! (Note to self: this is a great FREE stocking stuffer!)  The kids were so excited to try all the different flavors of jelly, they were begging me to make toast. So I went out on a limb and popped three pieces of bread into the toaster. After I cut them in 4’s my job was done for the morning! #winning

I gave them each a plastic knife and let them dress their own toast. Tatum was impressed by all the flavors, up until now she only new grape and strawberry jam existed. I couldn’t tell if Tru was excited or worried I’d lost my mind when I handed him a plastic knife LOL! He made sure he tried every flavor as fast as he could,  concerned I’d come to my scenses and take his knife away. Even sweet River got a square of toast with jelly. The mess wasn’t too bad either! If you haven’t stopped by my YouTube channel and seen Tru’s Toast Tutorial it’s a MUST! (Just follow the link). Making memories some days is as easy as making toast!

Xo kai

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