What’s a little dirt going to hurt?

My kids LOVE to be mess y. I would like blame a distant relative for that lovely character trait, because they didn’t get it from their father or I! It has taken me a long time to accept the fact that this need to FEEL everything with their whole body is engrained in their little DNA. I have finally gotten to a point were I do not hyperventilate when they ask if they can play in the dirt! I know too well that dirt always finds water and turns into mud. The kids are happy as pigs in mud, literally. We have set up some ground rules to keep us all happy– they get to play OUTSIDE. If they are muddy (which they always are) they have to undress OUTSIDE. When needed, which is every time, they get hosed off, yep you guessed it OUTSIDE. Which always leads to lots of squeals and laughter!  It’s a win, win!

Hope your kids enjoy making  Chocolate Soup as much as mine do, and there are many HAPPY memories made.

Xo Kai







Tools Needed:

Bucket (s)

Spoons/ Shovels


Mix however much of whatever you want, Stir it up real good until there are chocolate milk looking bubbles on the top. Serve room temperature to your little brother. Just kidding. Kinda. Once you’ve satisfied your desire for dirt let your mom hose you off in the front yard!


Age 5

tatums-chocolate-soup img_3793 tatums-chocolate-soup-2

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