Welcome Home

Our Papa and NeeNee have been out touring the country for the last six weeks, checking off bucket list items. (Oh, to be retired!) If you ask my kids they’ll tell you it’s been 2 years though! They have been sending the kids post cards as they travel and we’ve been hanging them up on our large US map in our classroom. Thank you for the US geography curriculum! 

I got the call that they were about 6 hours away and would be home for dinner, so I decided to surprise the kids! I told Tatum that we should be ready for when they finally came home and asked if she wanted to make a banner. A huge roll of paper and paint is always a good idea when you’re 5- no occation needed! 

I rolled  out our ream of IKEA craft paper and we got to work! I wrote in pencil and Tatum painted the words. We just got a shipment of this washable paint by Lakeshore Learning  and I’m pretty impressed! And thanks to my super handy husband, doing large projects are a piece of cake with my 12′ long desk! In a matter of minutes our banner was done! 

We walked it down to the garage and taped it up on the door just incase they came home before we had time to hang it. It wasn’t long after they came honking down the drive way. The rest of the night was filled squeals of laughter and snuggles as we roasted hot dogs over a campfire. 

This was a memorable and love filled activity. 

Xo Kai 

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