Time for Tea


Tatum woke up and asked to have an impromptu tea party, so I said, you guessed it, YES! Why not right? They were going to dirty dishes for breakfast anyways. She facetimed her grandma, who couldn’t say no, and within the hour we had ourselves a sweet little tea party. A few years back Tatum had a tea party themed birthday so we had the cute artificial grass place settings on hand. If you’re in the market for some I bought these off of Amazon and am thrilled with the quality!



Tatum set the table all by herself and served delicious fruit along side pink lemonade. The only rule was everyone has to wear their finest tea attire. That meant fancy dresses, big hats, chunky jewelry and classy shoes.

We had  a blast! Maybe you can surprise your kids with a beautifully set table one morning for breakfast and send everyone back to their rooms to change into a fancy outfit? I promise it wont disappoint, memories will be made and the mess will be worth it!


Sincerely, Kai


2 thoughts on “Time for Tea

  1. That’s just precious.You are making wonderful memories with your children that they will never forget. You are a great educator and a great Mom .Great job Mom.Your blog is great it’s a great read.
    Blessings to you and those darling children

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