The Lady Bug Game

My kids love the Lady Bug Game! It’s a fast, and fun game that was created by a 6 year old girl named Kylie. You can find it on Amazon for under $12. It has great illustration and a super cute story that reads along with the game, plus what kid doesn’t love bugs?! 

As a mom I love that reinforces counting, adding and subtraction. And did I mention it’s short? It’s so much easier to say YES to a short game! From set up to clean up it took 14 minutes, and that includes a 10 month old Babyzilla ripping cards off the table and eating the pieces. The recommended age is 3 and up, my 3 year old has no problem playing it and counting to 10 when the game prompts him to.

This makes for a great birthday gift too!

Say yes more, make more memories! 

Xo Kai

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