Thankful Tree

As the holidays approach everything seams to get busier. We tend to fill our days a little bit fuller and before we know it tax season looks good! One of the first things that goes when our days get busy can be craft time with my kids. So in efforts to keep crafting simple we started a Thankful Tree. This will be our on going craft for the month on November.

Everyday each kid writes one thing they are thankful for on a leaf colored paper. We hang it on some banches we collected from our yard and then do it again the next day. By the time Thanks Giving rolls around we should have quite the center piece!

Here are a few of the things that you’ll need to make you’re own Thankful Tree.

Vase or Large Mason Jar

Twiggy Sticks

Small Pine cones to help the sticks stay in place

Construction paper



Hole punch

Twine or yarn 

 Cut the construction paper in to leaf sized squares. If you want to be real fancy you can even cut them into a leaf shape. We used brown, yellow, red and orange to keep it fallish. Tatum did our cutting (It’s so nice having a kid old enough to use scissors!)

Next up, hole punch each square and string a few inches of twine through it to make the loop to hang it. (I know me and if I don’t finish this process TODAY….well, we will have one sad and bare tree come Thanksgiving!)

Throw them in a cute basket or an empty mason jar and set them aside. 

Then take your vase, or in my case large ball jar and place a few pine cones in the bottom, then arrange your twigs and the remaining pine cones. 

Next comes the fun part! Ask your kids what they are thankful for. I numbered them to keep my self accountable and make sure I do it every day for each kiddo. This is now part of our morning routine, and you guessed it, I’m so thankful! What a great way to start of the day reminding each other what’s important and getting our hearts centered and grounded.

Happy November Momma’s, show yourself a little extra grace as we enter the holiday season. I hope this activity is doable and not daunting. Be encouraged. 

Xo Kai

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