Saying “Yes!” More

Hey there! I am Kaile–  Tatum, Tru and River’s mom (because once you’re a mom you are known on the street by your kids right?) Welcome to Memories & Messes. I hope this can be a place were you find inspiration to say “yes!” more, making more memories and messes with your child(ren). The goal here is to not forfeit making memories because of the mess you may have to clean up. DO NOT PANIC– you will not thrash your home as a result of making memories . I found myself constantly saying “no” because I was exhausted and just couldn’t sign myself up for one more shift of clean up duty. It was no fun for my kids and I was ridden with guilt. Kids just want to be kids right? So I decided to start saying YES more and this blog is proof of it! Let this encourage you that you can say YES more too! Even if it’s letting their little hands measure out the dry ingredients while you make cookies (i.e flouring the counter tops). The memories ya’ll make will ALWAYS out weight the mess they make.

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