Prayer Poster for Kids

Kids love bandaids. Some how we have taught them that a bandaids make boo-boo’s, big and small, all better. Whenever there is the slightest sign of an owie my kids come running for a bandaid. We do the ritualistic kiss the boo-boo,slap a bandaid on it, say a prayer and then tell them go play. Box checked. However, it hit me– if I want my kids to know for themselves the power of God and His faithfulness, that relationship has to be nurtured now, and bandaids were going to help me do it!

 I whipped out my bible and together we read from James 5:13-16. Then we grabbed a poster board and I wrote the verse out on the top. Next I grabbed a stack of bandaids, I told them that each time we had a friend or family member that was sick or hurt we could put their name on the bandaid, stick it on the poster and pray for them. It gave them a tangible way to experience prayer, and for kids that so important. We took the time took the time to talk about it what prayer is- talking to God and listening to God. We talked about what prayer isn’t- a wish list of wants to to God. The point is we stopped and talked. They asked questions and were informed and empowered when we were done. It was a beautiful mom-ent! Then they prayed for the bandaids we stuck on our poster. 

Next I folded up a piece of colored paper and made a pocket to keep the bandaids in. We added some paint and wahlah! It was finished!

We dated each bandaid so we can mark off when our prayers have been answered. What a cool faith building exercise for all of us! We hung our Prayer Poster up in our playroom. It’ll remind us to pray everyday and that God hears our prayers and is faithful to heal. Hope you’re encouraged to make your own Prayer Poster!
Xo kai 

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