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And just like that summer is coming to a close and another school year is upon us. My Pinterest feed is full of lunch box ideas and organization tips for the boat loads of school supplies we all over buy. I don't know about you but I just don't have the self control to pass by a bin of .50c crayon crayons.

I am gearing up to start our second year of homeschooling. I'm still in the "fake it 'til you make it" mindset. I'll have one 1st grader, one starting kindergarten and an almost two year old we call Little Miss Touch Everything. I've got a good grip on the curriculum we are going to use but I was feeling super nervous not having a plan written out.

So I started my planner search! Pinterest, Amazon and Instagram had me like: OH MY GAWD. I'm pretty sure it got more confusing before it got better. There are so many beautiful planners out there!! Here are a few of my favorites I found along the way:

1. Bloom Teacher Planner $29

Why I love it: it allows me to look at my days vertically. I'm a list maker so I love that I can list out what the day is supposed to look like and work my way down. It's super pretty and has a simple design that's colorful and easy on the eyes. I also love that it has a clear plastic cover protection the front and back, because well, kids.
What I don't love: it's kinda heavy. With thicker nicer paper comes extra weight too! It's a whooping 1.5 lbs before you pin extra papers and flyers in it.

• DIMENSIONS: 9" long x 11" tall x .6" wide with Clear Frost Plastic Cover, 1 lb 9.5 oz
• FULL COLOR pages printed on 100gsm bright white paper
• Planner is UNDATED so teachers can customize it according to their school's schedule!
• 12 tabbed, undated monthly view spreads plus 52 weeks worth of undated, column style weekly planning blocks dispersed throughout the calendar (4 or 5 weekly views after each monthly view, adding up to a total of 52 weekly spreads for the year)
• Silver Metal Binding allows planner to lay flat on your desk
• 14 Colored Tabs, Pocket on Back Inside Cover
• Supplemental Pages Including: 1 Personal Info Page, 1 How to Use Your Planner page, 1 Info for the Sub Page, 2 Student Information Pages, 2 Call Home Logs, 2 Graph Paper Pages, "Important Dates" spread for easy yearly planning
• Every monthly view begins with a "Plan for the Month" page and ends with a "Month in Review" with notes page to document progress
• Inspirational Quotes on every monthly tab and monthly view
• Purchase includes link to additional FREE printables for teachers!

2. Erin Condren Academic Planner $25

Why I love it: Size matters! And this planner is the perfect size if you like to carry your planner around everywhere you go. At a sleek 7" wide by 9" long it easily fits in most any bag. It also includes perforated note paper!

What I don't love: This is only a planner for 6 months. It seams as though it should have been at least at 9 month planner as most school years are longer than 6 months but hey maybe this will keep you on track for an accelerate program. YAY for a long summer!

The Academic Planner is the student's solution for scholastic success! Academic all-stars will also enjoy dedicated pages for important projects and exams, 6 months worth of monthly and weekly planning, and over 30 lined pages for all your note-taking needs.

3. Well Planned Prayer $33

What I love: This is an all in one planner. It keeps everything from your daily to-do's to grocery lists to prayer requests and scripture readings all in one place. It streamlines your planner into a one stop shop. All your thoughts can be found and organized in this one book (just don't loose it!)

What I don't love: Totally a personal preference but that's why your here right?! I don't love the design scheme, the colors fonts etc. I'm more drawn to clean lines, simple fonts and crisp colors. This was a little to floral, scrolly and busy for me.

Stay Organized & Prayer Focused
The Well Planned Prayer Planner helps busy moms stay organized and prayer focused. Plan meals each week, maintain daily to-do lists, schedule appointments, journal prayer requests, find encouragement, and more.

All hear planners are available on Amazon. Don't forget to treat yourself to some fun pens for all the planning you're going to be doing!! My favorites are the ultra tip Sharpies and colorful felt tip Paper Mate pens.

Xo kai

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