Indoor Camp Out

All day long the kids begged me to make a fort,  but all I heard was “Can we empty the linen closet?!” I loved making forts when I was a kid, and I want my kids to make forts too. I had a great idea that would allow me to say yes without having to refold 20 sheets. I told them to go outside to play and I would call them back in 30 minutes to see their grand fort! 

In 10 minutes I had pitched a two man tent in Tatums room and filled it with sleeping bags. I used a baby doll accessory as a welcome mat, because every tent needs one of those right?! I grabbed two stools from our play room for them to have seats outside their tent, along with a flash light and my artificial ficus tree from the living room. I threw a stuffed bear in to make it feel extra woodsy!

They were so EXCITED! They asked if they could go to bed as soon as they saw it– who am I to say no? So we said good night at 8pm and I didn’t see them again til morning. It was a win for all parties. 

Tatum even grabbed coozies for their water bottles. The only thing missing was the smell of pine trees and a camp fire. If you dont have a little tent, ask around or keep your eyes peeled at local garage sales. They come in so handy and are a quick easy ways to have a whole lot of fun! You can grab one off Amazon for under $20 (this makes for a great birthday gift for all ages!)

Keep saying YES, the memories you’ll make are worth the mess!

Xo Kai 

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