Paint Party

Who say school has to be reading, writing and books?! We’ve had quite the week with colds and coughs going around so I surprised the kids with a paint party! I pulled out or crate of craft supplies, a few pieces of poster board and turned on our favored kids worship cd (which you can buy HERE!) As the kids painted I read to them from their daily devotional (which you can buy HERE!) on worship 

This is a great tool to use in helping kids ages 3-8 understand the character of God. Everyday has a verse, keyword, short passage and a prayer. 

I set them free to create. We danced and sang to our favorite worship songs as they glued, colored, cut and painted. It was beautiful! Tru even got a monter truck and ran it through paint! We made a mess and had fun (imagine that!) Tatum painted a beautiful cross, and tomb with Jesus rising fro the grave. (I LOVE that that is her favorite bible story!) As well as a snowflake, her hand print with painted nails–of course, and

rainbow.She sure loves rainbows! It even started to drizzle as we painted and. A rainbow appeared. It was awesome timing!It was such a sweet time of worship for both the kids and myself, and. A great reminder to slow down and enjoy the age my kids are at. There is something magical about this toddler age, they hang on my every word and are so trusting. They want to experience and explore for them selves and what a sweet gift it is to be their mama. Lord, let me never take that for granted! 

Xo Kai

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