Make Your Own Game Board

Last time I went to Ikea I could help but buy THIS big ream of craft paper they were selling for under $5. (That’s how they get you, everything is priced so well, until you go to check out and your total is more than your 1st years college tuition.) I had no plans for it, like most the other stuff I bought that day, but I knew we were going to make something fantastic with it! It only took 28 games of candy land before I thought of the idea to make our own board game.


Tatum and I spent the next hour creating a game we call: Stray Dog. I drew out the game spaces and she came up with the story, rules and illustrations.  We used dog figurines from Lego sets, a Disney storybook set, and random target toy grab bags we managed to collect over the years. It worked out PERFECT that all our dogs were different since we named the game Stray Dog! As soon as it was colored in, we took it down to staples and paid $6 to have it mounted on foam board and laminated. We numbers water bottle caps 1 through 6 with a sharpie and put them in a brown paper lunch sack to see how many space each player moved at their turn. It’s takes about 10 minutes to play, which is perfect for kids attention span and for me to not hesitate saying YES to squeezing a game in between laundry loads.

Below are the list of supplies we used to create our game.

24″x 24″ piece of paper or poster board

marker and crayons

water bottle caps (or dice/spinner)

toy figurines (ex: Lego people, matchbox cars, shopkins–yes I said the “S” word!)

your imagination!


Have fun creating with your kids and remember:

Memories > Messes

Xo Kai

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