Life Size Craft

Today I needed a craft that would keep the kids busy and let me handle some important phone calls, it was just that kind of day. So I cleared off our long school desk and pulled out our trusty team of craft paper from ikea. If you don’t have craft paper any ‘ol roll of wrapping paper will work just as well! I grabbed my favorite pencil (because that’s a thing when you’re a homeschool mom) and wa steady to start! 

I had my 5 year old climb up onto the desk and lay on the paper. She thought this was so cool! (It really is the little things people!)

Next I traced her sweet little body. There were lots af giggles and squirms, so we needed to clean up the lines a little bit.  Then I got out our arsenal of coloring tools and set her free!  This would be fun to decorate with glitter, pom poms, construction paper, beads or buttons. The possibilities are endless! I told her to dress herself in anything she wanted and she chose a bathing suit. When I asked her why she said she wanted to live in Hawaii forever! Don’t we all? Hope you have fun making this with your kids!

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Xo Kai 

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