Learning Made Fun, Teaching Made Easy!

This is our first official school year as home schoolers. I am so thankful for the friends that have gone before me and sifted through the sea of curriculum. That being said I am here to shout from the roof tops…EUREKA! I have found best there is when it comes to language arts! It is from The Institute for Excellence in Writing (click to learn more from their website). 

It is so well planned out, and easy to use. This is Tatum’s 3rd month in school (she’s only completed 22 of 76 lessons if that paints a clearer picture) She started with learning her letters and is now getting A’s on spelling tests! Whaaaat?! I’m so proud of her and kinda proud of me for teaching her successfully– I think every home schooling mama has a little bit of fear she won’t be able to teach their child and have to do the walk of shame to enroll their child one day.

IEW reinforces learning through games, and my kids LOVE it! (Shhh…They totally think they are JUST playing games!) 
Even my 3 year old Tru started with IEW this year. He is learning to recognize, say and write the  letters C, O and A. (And if your are checking out Tru’s hat you can find it  HERE!) 

I picked up a pack of 3″ felt letters in the dollar bin at Target to keep learning fun for Tru. So when I need quiet one on one teaching time with Tatum, Tru and I  play hide and seek with his letters. I’ll hide a letter he knows somewhere in his room and he will try to find it and bring it back to me. Normally he will get distracted and stop and play a while before he returns but that’s A-OK! 

This is Tatum’s alphabet completion page. For a kindergartener that’s pretty impressive I must say! 
Well that’s a quick look at what we are doing for school over here. Every day is different and we are all enjoying it, so far. If you are a home schooling mama remember just because it’s school doesn’t mean it can’t be sprinkled with fun memories.


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