Keeping the Peace in Gifting

Who needs more junk from the dollar spot at Target?! NOT this girl! Between November and December my family has 3 birthdays AND Christmas so there is lots of gifting that takes place. Although I love me some target finds, I don’t want my play room to look like an extended dollar spot! So how do I get that message to oh so generous grandma and grandpa? Well I’ve tried “please don’t but my kids dollar spot junk” and SPOILER ALERT it didn’t work! Gifting is my love language so I understand the struggle is real. But I’m training myself to give smarter and gently encouraging those around me to do the same. 

So here’s a proven game plan. 

  • Don’t tell them what NOT to buy. It comes off extremely ungrateful say “Please DON’T buy my kids (insert knickknack toys here.) Starting off a conversation like that will immediately put the gift giver on the defense. 
  • Use your words wisely. Casually bring up how much your kids love (insert what you do want them to have more of). You don’t need to have a pointed conversation about gifting, instead use your time on the phone to say “Gosh, Sally is having so much fun playing with her Legos*!! She always has them out!” Emphasize what the recipient loves more than what you as the parent loves.
  • Talk about experiences your kids would love! Whether it is a membership to your local indoor playground or something big like a trip to Disneyland or even a month or two of gymnastics or music class, express that you want your kids to experience more. Check with your city for their seasonal catolog of classes/activities they offer. They are typically 4 to 8 week classes offered at a great rate for local residents.
  • Special dates are a huge hit. My kids have 20 cousins, all under the age of 10. So when they get a special invitation for someone one on one time with grandma or grandpa (or even mom and dad!) they are ecstatic. It can be lunch and a movie, or even a trip to the park and frozen yogurt (talk about a great return on $5 !) Sometimes we forget that being intentional can feel so good. 
  • Make it easy for everyone. Send them direct links to exactly what you want them to want to buy. Size, color, options already mapped out for them. (See what I did there?!) A lot if the time Amazon sells the same items for much cheaper, so use that angle when sending the link. Everyone loves Amazon prime, especially around the holidays. If you have family living under a rock and not using Amazon prime, buy them an Amazon gift card and get them started. 
  • Give them options. The last thing you want to do is take the joy out of giving. If you have a few retailers that you love, go on their website and have their free catalogs mailed to your consistent gift giver’s. I have the American Girl and Lakeshore Learning catalogs, as well as the Lego mailer, sent to both sets of grandparents. Subliminal messaging at its best! 

Let’s promote gift that will assist in our goal of making memories. Most importantly, be the model of thankfulness to your family through the Holiday season. 

Slow down and enjoy the holiday, before we know it it’ll be tax season! 

Xo Kai 

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