I Joined the Robot Vacuum Club and I Couldn’t Be Happier! 

I did it. After three years of watching them the ads. I purchased my first robot vacuum. Insert happy dance. It’s been two weeks and the excitement over this new member of our family has not diminished. Yes, it’s a member of our family now. I did hours of research, in the middle of the night from my phone of course, and I’m happy to share all my findings and hard work win YOU! Without further ado, here she is:

Model: Powerbot R9000 

Retailer: Amazon

Price: $499 (but Amazon had in for $339 with prime last week! So keep an eye out for price changes)

What’s included: Powerbot vacuum, remote control, and charging station.

Set up? Unbox, remove plastic wrap, plug in and let it charge for roughly 4 hours (initial charge only, regularly charges in about 40 minutes.)

Link to purchase: Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

Here’s my official review, drumroll please:

I purposely waited two weeks to write a review so that it wouldn’t be based on my first impression and I have to say I’m still raving about this product! Like I said, it is my first robot vacuum but I have several friends who own the irobot so I’ve heard thier complaints/ struggles. I had a good Indra going into the shoppping arena of what I wanted/wanted to avaoid. 
I’m a mom of three kids under 6 years old, I have a lab and a boxer who shed year round some how, I entertain 30-40 people/kids on average every week and I live on 2.5 acres of dirt. My floors are DIRTY even when I’m trying my hardest to keep them clean! It’s a full time job and I have high expectations as one of my kids is crawling still! My house is single story and just over 1,800 square feet. I have real hardwood, textured and smooth tile, rugs and carpet. I run the powerbot 4-6 times a day (for roughly an hour, until the bettery dies) after each cleaning I am in shock at how much dirt/dust/hair/crud it picks up after every cleaning still!! The dust bin is HUGE compared to the competitors and it never get filled. 

After running it roughly 50x it has only gotten its self stuck/ stopped with an error code 2 times. Both time was because it sucks so powerfully it picked up an article of clothing. I simply flipped the unit over, turn it off, pulled the pair of socks out, turned it back on and set it fee again. It has never got stuck on a piece of furniture. It has never tamed into a piece of furniature. It has a camera on the unit that helps it navigate with ease through the house. It has never got stuck in a room. Once it died without returning home, it seamed to be lost in my sons room but in its defense I can get lost in there some times!

If I had to name the BEST feature about the powerbot I’d say it was a toss up between the power of the suction and the remote control. I could not imagine NOT having a remote!!! I can drive it like a remote control car to the area my daughter spilled a box of Cheerios and set it to spot clean. Otherwise I’d just have to wait til it got to that area of the house to clean–which seams worthless to me! 
It has a regular cleaning mode and a turbo mode. The regular mode is very quite, the turbo mode is louder but it’s because the motor is in high gear being extra sucky (in the best way!) There is also a spot clean feature, you can have it clean a specific area, roughly 2’x2′ in turbo mode to get it extra clean. I use this on high traffic areas or under the kitchen table regularly. 

Last thing I LOVE that the ther models don’t do, it cleans in a systematic organized pattern. Every room. Every time it comes out to clean. I have neat straight vacuum lines in my carpet! It is a little taller than other robot vacuums but I’d rather it clean ALL my floor with excellence and not under my sofa, than the other way around. 

It’s glorious!!! I bought the unit for $349 on Amazon prime, it stated the regular price as $499. This is worth every penny!! I’d sell my dishwasher before I got rid of this powerbot!! Heck that’s how much a good trip to Costco is for me– if I knew how great this thing was I would’ve stole from our grocery budget a long time ago. I get up every morning, start my powerbot and then enjoy a cup of coffee as it does my morning chore. 

I hope you’re all lucky enough to own one of these in the very near future!! There are newer and fancier powerbot models however this one meets all my needs! 

Xo Kai 

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