How ‘Bout Them Apples

Today we ate apples for school. Lots of apples. On our last trip to the grocery store we bought 1 of every kind of apple they had to offer. The kids thought that was really funny on its own…I’m not sure why?!img_2986

We had Red Delicious, Fugi, Sweetie, Gala, Golden Del, Honey Crisp and Granny Smith apples. The fist thing we did was talk about all the differences and similarities they had, like their size, shape, color and weight. We also guessed which ones we thought we taste the best and the worst.img_2985

Then we lined them all up and labeled them with tooth picks and washi tape flags. Next we cored and sliced them (If you don’t have one of THESE you need one! I’m sure I’ve added about 8 months onto my life from all the time I’ve saved using one of tools!)

img_2987 We put each apple in its own tray and then made a graph to track our taste testing results. This worked out perfect because Tatum’s math for the day just happened to be on graphs! (Don’t you just love it when little things like that work out?!) We listed all the apples down the side, and all our taste testing family members across the bottom. We decided we were going to rate each apple on a scale from 0-5, 0 meaning it was “grosser than grandmas meat loaf” and 5 meaning it was “as good as candy”!

Even River got to participate in our school day experiment. I’m not sure if that’s drool or apple juice running down her neck to be honest.


7 apples later these were the results! Honey Crisp was the all around favorite and best tasting, and Red delicious was about as bad as grandma’s meat loaf! Tru is clearly our apple lover and Tatum is the pickiest (No surprise there!) This was a fun afternoon activity and pretty educational too! I’s sure we will be making graphs on all sorts of different foods now. This idea was given to me through A Year of Skillfully Playing, follow the link to read more about this cool curriculum.

Keep on playing!


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  1. Love love love this! Such a great investment of your time Kai. Love hearing how you are pouring into your children and making learning FUN! beautiful job mama bear 😉

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