Homemade Pickles

There’s only one time a year you’ll find my husband and I in the kitchen together and that’s when we make jars and jars of homemade pickles. It’s become quite the tradition! Our family and friends start asking every June if we’ve made our pickles yet so they don’t miss out on a jar (or two!) because they go FAST!

Before you start you’ve got to find the special cucumbers and the pickling salt! The cucumbers can be found at Sprout’s or farmer markets in the spring and summer. Once you’ve got those on hand the rest is as simple as pie–but it’s pickles!! Start to finish it is about a 2 hour process. We divide and conquer: I do all the slicing and jar packing and my husband Brandon makes the pickling juice (or brine…?? I’m not sure what it’s technically called!) He’s the rule follower in our relationship and more accurate when it comes to measuring! Not that you can’t fudge a little on the spices but if you want to duplicate the recipe next summer (and chances are, you will) it comes in real handy to have followed a recipe!

Here are some photos from our pickling day, and the recipe too! Please feel free to share and comment if you tried another variation! Tag me in your insta photos @kaile_rae

Now go make some memories and pickles!

Xo kai

Brandon and Kai’s Homemade Pickles


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