Homemade Holiday

My Expectation FREE holiday plan has been wonderful! We are just about half way through the month and I’m feeling free from the holiday chaos that has normally taken full control this point in the game. We do not have a holiday family photo yet and that is perfectly okay with me– Hey we might send out a Valentine’s Day card at this point and that’d be good enough! 

My goal this year is to make memories, good memories, with my family. That’s it. This life is short, tomorrow is not promised. I want to live joyfully, and I want my kids to live joyfully because they know no different. Sounds simple enough right? A homemade holiday is how we are going to do it!

I surprised with kids with a Christmas craft (kids love everything craft!). Tatum, my 6 year old loves everything gooey–she’s my tactile learner. So I pulled up a recipe for salt dough ornaments and figured we try it out! It was simple and Tatum did all the measuring! Once it was mixed up and the dough was formed I set her st the kitchen table and she rolled dough and cut ornaments for hours! 

Salt Dough Ornaments 

6 cups All Purpose Flour

1 1/2 cup Salt

1 1/2 cup Water

You’ll need a rolling pin, cookie cutters and a straw to poke holes for a string. Preheat oven to 200’f. Mix all ingredients in a stand mixer for 10 minutes. This is important so that the dough is workable and it doesn’t puff up when baked.

Once kneaded for 10 minutes turn out on to table and roll out to about 1/3 inch thick and cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. (If dough is too sticky and looses form when transferring to cookie sheet return it to mixer and add 1/2 cup flour at a time until the consistency feels right.) Place dough on cookie sheets and bake for 45-55 minutes or until they are cooked through. You will be able to tell if they are not cooked through is there are any dark spots on the dough. 

We made angels, presents, snow flakes, stars and ginger bread men. Once they had baked and cooled I let the kids color them with markers. If these aren’t memorable I don’t know what is! We had a blast making them, all the way down to stringing them and hanging them on the tree. We didn’t rush through it, the kids actually colored them over a three day span. This might be one of my favorite Christmas trees we’ve had to date. The icing on the cake is I am not worried that my little curious 1 year old babyzilla is going to break a 30 year old sentimental ornament. That is freedom in and of its self my friends! Our tree is decorated with perfect handmade ornaments and it brings a smile to my face every time I pass by it.

It’s going to be a homemade holiday, and I couldn’t be happier. Get out of your comfort–or control zone and LIVE a little this season. The messes are worth the memories. 

Xo Kai 

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