Family Exit Plan

I pray my family never experiences an emergency that requires a quick exit plan from our home, but I would hate if we did and my kids were not prepared. An activity in our September curriculum of A Year of Skillfully Playing was to make a family exit plan. Honestly it never crossed my mind to go through emergency safety plans with my kids, I just assume because they are still so young they will all be with me all the time. But I am now out numbered\ with 3 kids, 5 years old and under. Chances are if there is an emergency I wont be able to carry all of them out at the same time.


I explained to them the different kind of emergencies that people all over the world encounter on a daily basis. We talked about staying together and being calm in an emergency is the best way to make good choices and stay safe. At this point Tru disappeared to his room and returned with his fireman helmet on.

We walked through each room in the house and talked about what we would do if there were a fire, or an earthquake while the were in that room with out mommy or daddy. Then I made them show me. Partly to give my mom-heart extra assurance that they understood and were listening (You never know with toddlers!) and partly to keep it fun for them. My three year old was is in SHOCK I told him he could super hero kick his screen out and climb out of his window (in the event that was the best exit out of his room…I’m not sure our idea of what an “emergency” is the same even after all my explaining).


After the whole house tour we sat down for a snack and drew out a map of our house to hang in our class room as a reminder. We colored a red line at every exit point in the house: exterior doors, windows and sliding doors. We also took this time to learn how to call for help and when you’d call 9-1-1. This month we are working on memorizing our address as well.


Hope this gives you some ideas to talk safety with your kiddos! Don’t forget to make sure everyone knows where a first aid kit is stored in your home. If yours is getting old or incomplete here’s a link for a 100 pc Safety Kit.



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