Expectation FREE! 

Stress and holiday can be synonymous now a days. And I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to making things look exactly how I envision them. Thanks Pinterest cough, cough! I decided I wasn’t going to put myself in charge this December and it’s worked out pretty great I must say! I have NO EXPECTATIONS on what this month should look like. I have a rough draft list of things I’d like to do with my immediate family but that’s as deep as I let myself plan. It’s been glorious. 

We normally go cut down our own Christmas tree and and take a family photo– that no one is thrilled about. And why should they be? Everyone is exhausted after we’ve hiked to find the perfect tree, my husbands normally sweat after sawing it down and loading it on the wheeled cart, the kids just want to jump in the mud (can you balme them?) And this is all after we’ve made it out the door dressed and styled by a bossy mom. All for a photo? In the words of Mr. Wonderful, “STOP THE MADNESS!” Right?! So this year we sporadically went to a Christmas tree lot we’ve drove past hundreads of times in the middle of the week just before lunch. No one was dressed fancy, there was no perfect photo I had to capture. The kids followed my husband around and after smelling EVERY tree on the lot the kids picked out the tree and we headed home. It was stress free. And glorious. Normally we make a night of decorating the tree but I realized it doesn’t have to be the same night we bring it home for it to be special. So our tree will patiently wait for us, and will be dressed and decorated when we are ready.

I’m excited to see what the rest of this holiday looks like with out me planning out events and outfits! December is 1/2 way over, set your self free from expectations and ENJOY the holiday season!
Xo Kai

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