“Don’t do that at the table!” 

Is it just my kids that eat like savages at the dinner table? I stare in amazement some nights as I watch them shove food into their little mouths like greedy chipmunks, and can’t help but wonder where they learn that from. I am constantly saying, “Don’t do that at the the table!” Some nights it feels like I’m correcting their every move. I’ve searched the internet high and low for an etiquette school I can ship my children off to and have them mailed back to me when they are as well groomed as royalty…but none exist in my budget. So I settled for a $12 book called George Washington’s Rules To Live By (You can buy it here!)

50 of G.W’s funniest and most inspirational rules of etiquette are hilariously illustrated in this book. It covers everything from table manners to hygiene. And it’s partly written in old English, which my kids think is really funny to hear me try and read.

Alongside every rule of etiquette is also a few historic rules and facts about George Washington. Like when he was inaugurated as president of the United States he only had one of his original teeth left in his mouth! WOAH!  My husband and I enjoy this just as much as the kids do! We keep it at our dinner table and each time we sit down to eat I read them rule or two. 
My kids are also at the age where they are old enough to set and clear the table. And let’s be real I could use all the help I can get around here. So today we made placemats. (You can print them here for FREE!) The kids each colored their own just the way they wanted.

When they were finished I ran them each through the laminator so they’d be a breeeze to keep clean. If you don’t have a laminator in your budget just print out a few of the paper placemats to keep on hand, this could become a daily (or as needed) activity. As they color their place mat it could buy you a little more uninterrupted time in the kitchen. 

If you have been looking for an excuse to purchase a laminator here’s your chance! I have THIS one and it has never let me down. 

It was a fast, fun and free (if you have a laminator) activity that will hopefully be the beginning of better table manners and more help for mom. 

Have fun making memories with your kiddos TODAY! Xo Kai 

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