Cooler Than Your Average Book

I’ve searched high and low, so I feel pretty confident when I say I found THREE of the coolest books for kids this holiday season, or anytime really. These are perfect for ages 3-7, without further ado here they are:

#3. And Then, Story Starters by M.H Clark

This is more a book, it is 20 large colorfully illustrated open ended story starters. They come packaged in a sturdy fairy tale book like case. My kids (and I) like to flip all the cards face down take turns randomly choosing a story starter. I’ll read through the brief but detailed beginning of a study and we play “popcorn” adding to the story. It’s so FUN to hear thier imagination run free telling a story. These cards can be used over and over again without ever repeating a story. These would also be great writing prompts for kids of all ages. Here’s is one of the 20 story starters: 

#2. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

This book has been reviewed by over 3,000 Amazon purchasers and the general consensus is it is AWESOME! 4.7 stars to be exact. This book is super funny and very relatable. All kids have their favorite go-to crayon color and instantly identify with Duncan, the owner of these opinionated crayons. One day Duncan reaches into his desk to grab his box of crayons and instead is met with a stack of letters, each written by a disgruntled crayon of color explaining why they quit. You can’t help but laugh along with the kids as you read through the story–over and over again! This would make for a great gift with a box of crayons. The illustration are realistic and kiddish all at the same time. It’s an all around winner. 

Our favorite book was not hard to choose, the number one spot goes to…. (drum roll please)…

#1.The Book with No Pictures By B.J Novak

My kids were less than thrilled when I told them I was going to read them a new book BUT there were no pictures. My three year old completely checked out at this point. But three pages in we are all laughing and completely engaged and anxiously anticipating what the next page had in store for us. It was a wonderful read, and so enjoyable they asked every adult they saw that day to read them the book again. They thought it was absolutely hilarious that the adult had no idea what they were going to read but beloved the premise that the reader of the book HAD to read whatever the words on the page said–because that is the rule. B.J Novak already had a spot in my heart for being a producer of one of my all time favorite shows, so I was expecting excellence and this is nothing shy of it. Feel free to follow the link provided, B.J Novak reads the story to an audience of kids HERE
I cannot imagine a child being disappointed after reading through (or having read to them) any one of these books. These books bring joy, laughter, imaginative play, and an all around fun to the reader and the audience. If you are looking for the perfect gift anyone of these will not disappoint.

Kids love to be read to because it demands 100% attention from the reader. Something that is a rarity in the busy world we live in these days. 

Xo Kai 

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