Boy Mom 101

It may have taken me 2+ years but I think I have finally gotten the hang of this #BoyMom thing. They really should give you a brochure or something when you leave the hospital with your son.

Warning: There will be excessive dirt, bugs, and broken bones. Enjoy!

Anyways, I woke up Tru and asked him if he wanted to have a special date with me. I told him we could do anything he wanted for 2 hours (I had to work with his baby sister’s nap schedule.) After eating bagels, his with a heap of cream cheese–he loves all things cheese, we headed out to the yard where the fruit trees are planted. He grabbed his favorite monster trucks and I got us each a shovel along with 2 empty coffee cans. There is no shortage of empty coffee cans around this house. #teamnosleep. We gathered rocks and sticks in the yard together and started creating.  Before long we had an awesome monster truck track, with tunnels, ramps, whoops, and a bridge. He was stoked.


What he enjoyed more than building it, was ME playing with HIM. Sometimes I can multitask to a fault and its easy to brush “playing” off as an optional mom duty. My son reminds me, daily, that it is a requirement. I never want him to stop asking me to play. Ever.

Memories made- Check.

Messes made- Check.

Boymom win- Check.



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