A Holiday Treat for Our Mail Carriers!

I can honestly say that 95% of my holiday shopping has been completed online. With free shipping and easy promo codes it’s the no brainer way to shop these days. Have you seen the mall parking lot lately?? No thank you! This also means our mail carriers are working double time! With that being said I saw a picture on social media a friend posted where they set out a box of goodies with a note thanking all those who were delivering packages to their home. What a kind simple gesture. So we jumped on board and put together our own good box for our Mail Lady (whom we absolutely LOVE), and the UPS and FedEx drivers who frequent our home daily at this point! I spent no more than $10 on items to fill the box, including water bottles, granola bars, popcorn, little cakes and candy canes of course. I’ve attached a printable note to make it even easier to for you to do this too. All you have to do is print, fold and sign your name at the bottom. Let’s take a moment and spread holiday cheer!

Xo Kai  

Mail Carrier Holiday Thank You (<–PRINT ME!) 

2 thoughts on “A Holiday Treat for Our Mail Carriers!

  1. Absolutely LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! Makes me feel better since I’m doing all my Christmas shopping online!! 😉

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