2016 Election and What Our Kids Know

I took some time today to sit down with the kids and ask them what they knew about the upcoming election. It’s no secret that there is something that is holding all the adults attention in their lives captive right now. I typically don’t have the news on in our house, but the last 24 hours I’ve been following the election pretty closely. I asked them a few simple questions and let them answer candidly.​ Here is what they had to say: ​​

Kids and the Election

Don’t miss this opportunity to EXPLAIN to your kids what is happening in our country, let them ask questions, and teach them that for hundreds of years, men and women have given their lives so that we can have the freedoms that we do today. If you are heading to the polls tomorrow plan to go as a family! Make it a fun and exciting–you get to plants for water the seeds that will grow into our future voters. That’s a HUGE responsibility!

Our vote today will directly effect our children’s future. I want my kids to understand that their parents PRAYED through this election season and that God is King no matter who man appoints as president. 

I’ll be over here anxiously drinking pot after pot of coffee awaiting the election results! 

Xo Kai

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